Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Sadist With Red Teeth

Boy, i was really looking forward to watching this one. But sadly it's a bad film. A man believes that he's become a vampire after being in a car crash. His doctors want him to become a vampire for some reason. He goes to a joke shop and buys some fake teeth and then bites the clerk with them, killing her. Amazing. Later he buys a live chicken and asks for handcuffs.

It sounds wonderful, but these moments are isolated. There are, however, a few other good things about this movie. There are hilarious shots of random people with cheap plastic vampire teeth. And for some reason, there is old black and white footage of tornadoes, volcanoes and buildings being destroyed, as well as pointless shots of spiders and snakes.

This film also has the line, "We brought him here telepathically to meet one of my associates, a specialist in hypnosis, who will also be treating him."

And wait until you meet the Satan guy. Wow. What a nice red robe. What style. What great hair. And such beautiful eye makeup.

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