Monday, August 23, 2010

5ive Girls

First off, i hate titles like that, where they put the number in a word in place of a letter. Like Se7en. That is seriously stupid and obnoxious. So let's pronounce these titles as they're written: "Five-ive Girls" and "Sesevenen." That's right. Those are the titles.

So, what's good about "Five-ive Girls"? Well, for those who like female nudity, there's a great scene where one naked chick (who is possessed) attacks another naked chick (who isn't possessed, but will be shortly) in a bath tub. Very nice.

Also, Ron Perlman is in it. Isn't that enough?

If not, they also have the five (or five-ive) girls wearing little school girl outfits through most of the film. So there. But yeah, it's a pretty bad movie.

1 comment:

  1. I guess they had to put the ‘5’ in the title to make it look unique. I guess that’s about all that is unique about this really bad movie. It would top my bad movies list by a big margin.