Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Mad

The Mad is a comedic horror film about a hick town whose inhabitants become zombies after eating hamburgers. And it stars Billy Zane, who also starred in Titanic. The good news: this movie is better than Titanic. The bad news: it's still not very good.

But there are definitely good things about this film. For example, the song during the opening credits sequence is totally cool. And there is Billy Zane's insane, terrified reaction to getting a surprise blow job from his girlfriend, Monica. Plus, this film has some good advice for the viewers: don't eat meat, especially if it's moving around on its own accord.

There is some painful exposition in this film, such as:
- "Better not be too hard on him. He hasn't been the same since he sunk into that terrible depression after Ruth died."
- "What did she die from again?"
- "Choked on a bone."

But there are some truly funny moments, like when they discuss the term "zombie" and whether it's truly applicable in this situation. And there's that great moment when Amy says (about her boyfriend), "When he got attacked by that meat patty, I just knew it was over."

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