Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dark Reel

Oh boy, Dark Reel is a complete mess. I think on the back of the DVD box it said something like, "Keeps the audience guessing right up to its twisted end." Well, that's true. But actually it keeps the audience guessing long after the movie has ended. I mean, really, what the hell was going on? Why did the killer think that killing actors was the way to get his revenge? What about the projectionist - why did his ghost show up and speak in a woman's voice? Why did the photographer suddenly blurt out about Scarlet May having a son? Why did it take everyone so long to get from Cassie's driveway into her house (she had time to take a shower)?

Well, as much of a mess as this film is, there are actually some really good performances in it. Edward Furlong does an excellent job. Tiffany Shepis is good in this too (take a look at her IMDB page - she does nothing but horror films - very weird). But the best performance in this film is that by Lance Henriksen. He is absolutely incredible in this movie. Seriously. It's worth watching this movie just for his performance.

Also, there are some good horror moments. There is a nice bit with a pair of scissors near the end. And the mask that the killer wears is totally creepy.

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