Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I love bad shark movies. I do. And Hammerhead is a bad shark movie. In fact, they don't get much worse.

The scientist's son gets cancer, and the scientist learns that sharks are immune to cancer. So he introduces some shark cells into his son's body. The good news? His son's cancer goes into remission in two weeks. The bad news? His son turns into a shark.

So then the scientist makes a wonderful decision. He decides to create a race of beings that are half shark, half man. The problem is he's having trouble getting his son to mate. Rather than bonking the women he's presented with, Paul tends to eat them.

Also, the scientist wants to have revenge on some colleagues for... Well, i can't remember what for. That's really not important. He tricks them into coming, tells them his plan, and then tries to kill them by feeding them to Paul. That's basically the story.

This is one of those movies that seemed to have no script supervisor. There are continuity issues throughout, and i don't mean little "Hey, his collar is now up" continuity errors. I mean huge errors. In fact, i was convinced for a long time that there were at least two shark men because Paul was simultaneously in the ocean and in a tank in the lab. But hey, whatever. Later he's in the ocean at the bottom of a cliff devouring a scientist, and a moment later in the forest. (Did i mention that because he's half man, he can live on the land as well as in the water? Yet characters are still yelling at each other to stay out of the water.)

Also, there is a character who is sometimes a hunchbacked Igor type character, and sometimes a normal scientist type character. At first he stands normally, but after two of his fingers get bitten off, he develops a hunched back. Go figure.

So what's good about this movie? Not the acting. Not the script. Not the special effects. Not the cinematography. Some of the sets are actually interesting. And come on, the idea of a dad turning his son into a shark and then trying to find him a suitable mate - that's cinema gold.

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