Saturday, October 30, 2010

Revenge Of The Rats

What can i say about this terrible film? A firefighting helicopter pilot lands his chopper in the city and saves of the life of a young girl. For this, he is demoted from helicopter pilot to rat catcher by the city's mayor. He knows nothing about rats (though he does fire his handgun into the toilet to kill one early in the film - geez). Yet he becomes the leader of a team of rat killers, and in fact comes up with the plan to kill them. (The movie takes place over the course of three days, so this guy learns very quickly.)

The city has a garbage problem, because the garbage folks are on strike. So the rats come up from the sewers and have a bit of a celebration. Rats from different rat clans have all gathered together for some reason. Also, they have some new disease, which is deadly to humans. Also, they are intelligent (well, sometimes they are).

The helicopter pilot/rat catcher has a thing for a female doctor (who isn't really a doctor - she hasn't completed her training - but whatever, they need doctors, so...), and they go on a date and clearly have no chemistry. She ditches him before their meal even arrives (which is a good thing, because the restaurant's kitchen is overrun with rats). Yet of course they end up together. No good reason for that, really.

Anyway, the woman's landlord got the rat disease, and she brought him to the hospital. A little later, there is this bit of dialogue (as close to it as i can recall):

Woman: "I admitted a patient earlier."
Main Doctor: "Yeah? So?"
Woman: "I wanted to check on his condition."
Main Doctor: "Interesting. He's dead."

The DVD is dubbed in English, and i'm sure that's part of the problem. But really, even if that bit of dialogue had been in subtitles, it would have been just as awful.

So what's good about this film? Well, it's hilarious at times, though never intentionally so. And of course the dubbing adds to the humor. But is it worth watching? No, not really.

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