Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lewis & Clark & George

Again, i don't think Lewis & Clark & George is a terrible movie. It's just not a very good movie. But there is plenty of good stuff in it.

For one thing, Rose McGowan is in it. And she's partially naked. And when she's not partially naked, she's usually wearing a cute faux fur jacket. Okay, maybe that's just my thing.

This movie also features Rose McGowan lip-synching to a tape of "Where The Boys Are" in the back seat of a stolen car. It's wonderful.

This movie also has some excellent cameos and supporting actors. Ed Bell is in it. Anyone who knows me knows i'm a big fan of the band The Whooligans. Well, Ed Bell is the lead singer/bodhran player for that band, and in this film he plays a mailman who's mistaken for a cop.

And Paul Bartel plays a cop. So there.

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